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  • JUL. 2017



NEURONAVI is a next generation navigation system that guides users by utilising their own brainwaves.
A specialised smartphone application works in concert with a brainwave sensing device to determine the user’s current feelings and condition, allowing it to automatically recommend tourist spots based on their level of interest or fatigue.
This allows it to help deal with the increasing level of inbound tourism to Japan in recent years by offering assistance to those visiting tourist spots without much pre-preparation by matching their unconscious needs and overcoming the language barrier. Further, by responding to the unconscious needs of the tourists themselves, it is expected to increase their overall level of satisfaction with their trip, and also their expenditure and tourist spots.

SONICJAM developed the system that applied the “sensitivity algorithm” based tourism navigation, and created the specialised smartphone app.
Without using words, the application displays places and things it recommends by quickly analysing user interest and feelings via their brainwaves. In an age where the internet has become ubiquitous, information on websites, SNS or even from word of mouth is now the major guiding factor when choosing a tourist spot or shop to go to, but this system makes it possible for new experiences to be had by all.
Going forward the system will be improved to allow for even better experiences for users.