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HINKA RINKA 店舗アイコンインスタレーション

  • MAR. 2016
  • L3D



Dramatization of Sculptures and Light to Embody the “Class and Dignity”

On March 31, 2016, TOKYU PLAZA GINZA had its grand opening.
We took part in the production of in-store installations for “HINKA RINKA”, a new-type concept store of Tokyu Department Store with the theme of the “Class and Dignity of Women”.

We placed a sculpture based on the “Winged Victory of Samothrace” on each of the three floors of HINKA RINKA. And installed the dramatization of light and video to embody the theme of each floor – “Elation, Discovery and Stimulation”, “Aspiration, Throbbing, and Specialness”, and “Empathy, Unpretentious-ness, and Relaxation”.
Our staff mainly worked on the technical direction and the system development to contribute to the actualization of the concept/direction by the art director, Mari Asada.

The Engineering Works to Promote the Collaboration

For the collaborative work with multiple artists and engineers with different expertise, including CG arts, 3D sculptures, projection mapping, and mirror balls, we decided to pay closer attention to details in our technical direction. For example, in the area with the dramatized use of light and LED, we created the content production simulator ahead of time to best manage the three-dimensionally installed LED devices. This approach enabled the creators who were responsible for the content creations and engineers who developed the device to work parallelly when they worked on the creative expression in which the device and the creative influenced each other to a great extent.